Droid Land Walkthrough

This walkthrough will spoil the gameplay. You should read this only when you get stuck.
This is just a straight forward walkthrough. To understand more of the story you need to click the tapes and read what Alf (the character) has to say.
Before reading the walkthrough, here are a few hints that may help you figure out things by yourself.

- If you get stuck click Alf for more info, he'll usually tell you what he needs to do next.
- Try to move around between the scenes if you can't find what you need in the scene you're currently in. Some of the items are scattered across the whole game, not just one screen. You may need to go back to find info and hints.
- Read the tapes; most of them will contain bits of the story but some that will give you a slight idea on what you need to do.
- There are 7 stars in each scene. Collect all 21 of them to get some special downloadable content!
- If you finish the game before collecting all the stars, wait for the credits screen; you will have a button that allows you to go back and collect the remaining stars.


- Click the oil can [A3] to grab it (it's empty for now)
The barrel contains oil but you can't use it unless you grab the oil can first.
- Click the barrel to fill the oil can
Now the oil can is full and you can use it.
- Click Alf to pour oil on his joints.
Now Alf can move but he still needs his toolbox to leave the scene
- Click the pillow and you'll see a key under it. Grab the key.
There's a drawer under the bed, now you can unlock it with the key
- Click the drawer and then get the toolbox.
You're now ready to go!
- Click the sky to get to scene 2.

Now you need to access the basement, but the door is locked
- Click the toolbox and grab the hammer
You'll need this hammer to open the mailbox (which is stuck) in the previous scene
- Click at the leftmost side of the scene to go back to scene 1
- Click the mailbox [A2] on the wall behind Alf to open it
You can now open the mailbox
- Click the key in the mailbox
You've just got the key to open the basement
- Click the sky to get back to scene 2
- Now click the door to the basement to get to scene 3.

Here you need to activate the machine and power up the generator by finding the 2 missing fuses.
- Click the fusebox on the back wall
Notice you can't pull the switch unless you find the missing fuses
- Click the ceiling opening to go back to scene 2
You can now collect the fuse [B2] at the left of Alf's leg. (It's that round object)
- Click at the left side of the scene to get to scene 1
- Click the fuse [A1] at the top of the mailbox
You now have both fuses and can power up the generator
- Click the sky to get back to scene 2
- Click the tape [B1] on the floor at the left of the inventor to learn how the machine needs to be configured.
- Click the door to the basement to go to scene 3
Now you have all you need to finish the game
- Click the fusebox again, notice the collected fuses are now in place and you can now pull the switch to power up the machine.
- Click the keyboard on the machine and pull the switches according to the scheme you saw on the tape.
From the left to the right and top to bottom: down, up, up, down, up, down
- Now push the button and it will turn green.
Click Alf.
Enjoy the ending movie!

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